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James Shipley, managing director at Active Training World, one of the UK’s leading triathlon and open water swim events organisers, used the calf cuff as part of his training program.

Watch the video to hear how the Riixo Recovery Cuff helped improve his running.

How they work


Riixo Recovery cuff ice thermometre


Riixo Recovery Cuff heat thermometre


Riixo Calf Compression
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First ever 3 in 1 design

Free Programs

10 week build up to running program

Build-up to running.

This 39 page program has everything you need if you want to improve your running, get back into it or you’re currently making the decision to get out there. Building the right strength will not only improve your running but help prevent injury

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Calf strain program

Calf Pain rehab program

This 28 page program will lead you step by step through the recovery and strengthening of a calf strain. From point of injury back to running

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Achilles Program

Achilles Pain rehab program

This 26 page program will lead through a strengthening program for Achilles strain. Right from the point of injury back to running.

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Riixo Bundle programs

Download all three programs

Bundle all three programs in one download

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The team at Riixo™ have a combined knowledge of over 50 years’ experience in professional sport, rehabilitation, yoga and strength and conditioning. We use current evidence to provide the best training advice that we can so we can use this to design recovery products because our bodies deserve better.

So if you are recovering from sport, injury or surgery, the Riixo™ is here to help.

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