Heat Therapy

Heat therapy is the application of heat to a muscle or joint increasing blood flow into an area as well as an increasing  tissue elasticity. Heat therapy increases oxygen uptake and accelerates tissue healing for faster muscle recovery in sport and faster recovery after injury.

How heat can help;

  1. Increase blood flow = more oxygen = faster recovery from exercise
  2. Relax muscles and reduce spasms
  3. Increase in cell metabolism
  4. Reduce pain in stiff and arthritic joints.
  5. Increase muscle and joint elasticity.
  6. Increase in capillary permeability
  7. Increase in oxygen and nutrients into the area to promote tissue healing
  8. Pain relief by acting on nerve receptors.

Heat for Sport recovery

For the best results use thermo-compression in partnership with cryo-compression also known as hot/cold therapy. Returning from exercise apply Riixo cryo-compression for 20 minutes (10min on, 5min off, 10min on). Then immediately apply heat compression for 15-20 minutes.

This change in temperature will cause the blood vessels to expand (vasodilation) increasing the blood flow into the area. Flooding the soft tissue with oxygen and nutrients helping speed up soft tissue repairmuscle recovery and flushing out the lactic acid from the muscle.

The goal is to gradually increase the range of motion of the joint and restore it to pre-injury levels. However, care must be taken to not push a joint through pain to avoid re-injury.

Warm up

You can capitalise on the bodies physiological reactions to heat to get the best out of your performance in sport and prepare your body for injury treatment by using Riixo Thermo-compression.

Because tissue becomes more extensible after it has been warmed up, range of motion exercises can be performed after heating to improve joint motions.

Injury recovery

If you have an injury such as a calf strain or a medical condition like arthritis, heat can help reduce pain and improve movement. Use heat through the Riixo recovery cuff to help stimulate blood flow into the area, increase oxygen and nutrient levels.

For muscle injuries, use heat for 48hrs post-injury. This will allow the body to start to repair itself whilst you rest then by applying heat, you can help improve the elastic tissues in the muscles and speed up the recovery by stimulating blood flow to an area. The good thing about heat is you can use it as often as you like. It also has the added benefit of helping tight muscles to relax.

For conditions such as arthritis, placing heat over the painful joint will help reduce the pain and improve the movements. This is due to increased blood flow to the area helping the tissues to become more elastic and free-moving.