The Founders Story

Interview with Cameron

Riixo was founded by Cameron Johnston in 2017 on return from peace keeping operations with the United Nations. A past professional rugby player turned physiotherapist, he has also completed two degrees in Sport Science BSc (Hons) and Physiotherapy BSc (Hons).

Founder and CEO of Riixo Scotland Rugby Shirt

In 2007 Cameron fractured his spine whilst playing rugby and after a year of rehabilitation he decided to spend the next 10 years of his life working to help people who found themselves in the same position. He has seen first had the impact an injury can have on someone through his time within the UK health services, professional sports teams, but most importantly, his seven years in the British Army.

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Whilst on operations with the United Nations in South Sudan his frustrations grew at the substandard equipment available for recovery. With the primary focus being on the high-end manufacturer he routinely saw equipment with a dependency on electricity, water and ice as well as  a large price tag.

Founder & CEO of Riixo Cameron Johnston

Cameron returned with  one goal in mind to show the world how it should be done and how it could be done. Recovery from sport and injury is not just for the elite.

My Mission;

To make people better

Cameron JohnstonFounder and CEO