The Riixo Story

Our Story

 Riixo was founded by Cameron Johnston an athlete who broke his back, studied two degrees, joined the military and worked for the past 10 years in  injury rehabilitation and recovery. Build out of frustration from using bags of ice and frozen peas he set to work creating a company with a cause.

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Riixo About Us

You focus on your performance we’ll focus on your recovery

We are Riixo, and we want to challenge the system of outdated and overpriced recovery equipment.  Recovery equipment is not elitist it is for everyone. Let’s start the revolution. We want to make recovery products affordable, easy to use and supported by evidence and we will start with the Recovery Cuff.

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Build your resilience with Riixo.

Your ability to recover is what makes the difference between a good athlete and a great one.

It’s having the ability to push yourself on the playing field, on the bike and in the gym then come back stronger, harder, faster the next day and the day after. Not being limited by muscle soreness and fatigue.


Our Product Promise


Easy to use

Supported by evidence


Riixo Awards & features

Scotsman Newspaper

10 June 2019

A former Scotland rugby international is seeking financial backing for the launch of a “first of its kind” compression cuff to aid muscle recovery….Click here to read the full article. 

Riixo recovery Cameron Johnston

Edinburgh reporter

10 June 2019

Cameron Johnston has just started his new business which combines his army, rugby and sport physiotherapy experience in one…to read the full article click here.

High Growth Scotland 

18 December 2018

A group of eight Edinburgh-based entrepreneurs have taken part in Business Gateway Edinburgh’s 10th Gateway to Investment five-week programme to help businesses to secure investment…To read the full article click here