The worlds first sport and injury recovery cuff.

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On the 20th May the Riixo Calf Cuff is launched on Crowdfunding site – Indiegogo

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Riixo Recovery Calf Cuff

Pair of Recovery Cuffs

Indiegogo exclusive bundle

Pair of Calf cuffs£134.99£107.99
Thermabox Case£12.99FREE
Riixo Wash Bag£7.99FREE
Ice Ball£19.99FREE

Ice, Heat and Compression.

The Riixo recovery cuff can do all three with no interchangeable parts.

Riixo Cuff Stats

Faster muscle recovery after training and competing.

Reduce muscle soreness and DOMS

Reduce pain and swelling after injury

Promote tissue healing for faster injury recovery.

The Riixo Recovery Cuff

Riixo Calf Cuff Single

Sizes to fit everyone

Custom case with every cuff

Insulated to keep the cuff frozen for up to 5 hrs

Riixo Calf Cuff Single

Order a single cuff

What you receive

  • Calf cuff
  • Insulated case
  • Wash bag
Pair of Recovery Cuffs

Order a pair of cuffs

What you receive

  • Further discount as a pair
  • 2 x calf cuffs
  • 2 x insulated cases
  • 2 x wash bags
  • 2 x application sleeves
Cameron Johnston Founder of Riixo

The company founder is a former professional rugby player. After breaking his back he completed his degrees in sport science and physiotherapy and has been working in the military for the past seven years.

Founder & CEO of Riixo Cameron Johnston

British design combined with German engineering.

Silver ionised microfibre thread making is strong, comfortable and antimicrobial. The most hygienic cuff on the market.